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Beyond Good & Evil
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Extra Pearls

1. go to the pedestrian district and go to the bar once you get in go to the left and you will find a guy by a game table talk to him and you can play it with him for 100 or you can bet him 1000 for a pearl what you have to do is get all of the disks on his side first before he does. later on he will e-mail you saying he has practiced all day and night and you can bet him for another pearl.

2. go to the pedestrian district and walk around for a while and you will find a salls man if you ask him you can buy starkos and k bups and a pearl for 3000 and once again later on he will be selling another pearl for 3000, sometimes he sells hearts.

3. go to the pedestrian district you will find a building by the fountion once you go in there talk to the bar tender and he will let you go in back and buy pears hearts and some other stuff and you can even go and get mdisks.

4. Win races 1 and 2 for first place to win pearls in town and you must have jump pack on hover car to jump the red boundary lasers out side of town than go to a cave for races 3 and 4 you must also win first there to to win pearls too.

5. every time you fill a role of film from animals you get free pearls.


you must have the jump pack on your hover car first you must jump over the red lasers outside of the town than you will find a cave looking place go in it and you will find races 3 and 4 go to race 3, you can win them for pearls once you start the race go about half way in on the end of the second big turn you will have to turn around to jump red lasers to get in to the slaughter house.

Unlock Marble Mini game

Collect 88 pearls to unlock the game on a Mdisk

Code to Unlock Disk Mini-game

The last mdisk is in a locked cabinet. Go to and register and imput your 16 digit savegame code to get the 4 digit code to unlock the cabinet.

Kill Alpha Sections

There are 2 types of Alpha Sections: The ones that have Air Packs and Ones without.
To kill the ones with air packs, hit the pack (I suggest you shoot from a distance with the gyrodisk launcher)
To kill the ones without packs, hit them into an electrical gate.(theres always one near them.)

Info submitted by Jade on Friday, January 2, 2004 at 19:55:50

Spare Cash

An easy way to earn money is to photograph secret animals. One of the easiest secret animal is a giant whale on the other side of the laser barrier. (on the side with the slaughter house racing) BUT, instead of turning for the races, keep going forward. You should soon come upon a giant animal that jumps out of the water. Zoom in and take it's picture! It gets you about 3000 dollars. That's enough to afford one pearl at Ming Tzu's shop. NOTE!: you will have to have bought the Jump Kit from the Mammago's Garage to get the picture.

Info submitted by Pay'j on Tuesday, December 30, 2003 at 16:18:32

Two-Legged Otter

There's a secret animal on top of the Southern Lighthouse (where Jade lives). Its a two legged otter. To take it's picture (and make 2000 dollars) activate the shield at the base of the lighthouse. Then go inside and upwards to the top. Go out the door and go to the tip of the shield pieces and get out your camera (press Y) and zoom in. The otter walks around in circles so you only have a few seconds to take the picture.

Extra Money

Just outside the Factory Entrance, in the water there are alot of crates, smash them, go inside the factory, then come out again.(You can do this as many times as you want)

Get Units

In Hillys, next to the Black Isle, There are two red boats sailing around. on the back of each boat is a big box. If you shoot the box with the hovercraft it should explode and then crystals come out the back of the boat. Pick up the crystals and there's the units. then go to the main canal and as soon as you get there turn around and go back. The boxes should have appeared again. NOTE: best to aim canon that blows up the guard at the factory entrance to get box. If you don't the cops might come.


1. at your place go outside and go by a tree you will find floating lights these are animals.

2. you can also find some people to take pictures of in town.

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