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Conflict Desert Storm ll
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Cheat Option in Options Screen

Go to the main menu and press L1, L1, R1, R1, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle. Start a game and look for the options menu then the cheat option


Some times when your playing 1 player mode, its a little frustrating because you don't have a 2nd player to with your back, and sometimes (for me anyways) I have a little bit of trouble switching through all my guys so fast, so sometimes, what I do, is take my 2 best guys, then with the other 2, make them give all their weapons and supplies 2 your 2 best guys and then with the 2 selected men, go complete your mission, or you can get your best guy, and make the other 3 guys give him all their stuff and give Jones (sice he's a 5 star healer) some med packs and take Jones and your best guy and complete the mission. A lot of times for me this is so easy.

Info submitted by Tanner Dunn on Sunday, November 23, 2003 at 15:31:38

3rd Rocket for Unknown Tank Mission 2

Facing the unknown tank, besides the 2 rockets for the rocket launcher located directly in the room to the left, the 3rd rocket to take out the tank without having to shot perfectly is located inside the building to the right if facing the tank. It is the next building over after coming out of the building previous to get to the unknown tank

Info submitted by Mike Kirstein on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 at 17:58:13

Helicopter Protection

On the mission Besieged, you and your squad have to fend off snipers and ground troops to protect incoming Delta soldiers and the Blackhawk helicopter. To prevent enemy soldiers from killing the Delta soldiers and destroying the helicopter, go to the northwest corner of the roof and throw a smoke grenade or two behind the helicopter. This prevents the enemy from firing rockets and bullets at the helicopter, plus the incoming Delta soldiers have little more time and protection to get into the Blackhawk.

Info submitted by Scott Bonjukian on Sunday, November 30, 2003 at 16:52:13

Back Road on Silence Stage

On the silenced stage called Victor two in the third area if you go down the left hand side of the area you will see a sort of riverbed. If you follow this along to the left there is a trail through the cliff. Follow this around and you will come out on the side of the last section of the level instead of directly in front of everyone.

Smoke Grenades

When entering a small area such as a building cave or hallway stand by the side like by the wall or what ever using the directional buttons you can peek over and see if any enemies are there such as tank soldiers or mines bur when entering a building swarming with enemy soldiers throw a smoke grenade and it will bloke there vision. but when they come by you will be able to see there shadow so basically u can see the but they cant see you so u can blow them away

Info submitted by Hondachamp80 on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at 16:29:56

Medic-Kits A Plenty

On the first mission, after raiding the first base and destroying the road block barricade, drive the truck until you come to the huge open area. Stop the truck next the first building, and get everyone out of the truck and inside the building. On the floor are two Medic-Kits (for a total of 12). Pick them up. I recommend giving each squad member 3
Medic-Kits, this way it's even. You'll need these because of all of the snipers,
anti-aircraft guns, and 50 caliber machine gun emplacements. You can then put two squad members, best Bradley and Jones, on the trucks' machine gun and grenade launcher. They can take out ground troops and gun emplacements. Then have Foley and Connors get on the right side of the truck. Foley can take out snipers, distant enemies, and gun emplacements. Connors can take out ground troops. Remember, when you either hear/see a tank (through Foleys' scope) or hear somebody like a squad member or the Apache pilot yell "Armor!", quickly get all of your squad inside the building or farther back on the road, for the tank will destroy the truck if someone is in it.

Info submitted by Scott Bonjukian on Sunday, November 30, 2003 at 17:08:37

Easy Way to Beat Level 9

When u get past the guys and come to the big open part of the air port, take Foley and Bradley up back the stairs until u get to the office part with the window over looking the airport. Leave Foley and Bradley up there to take out all the guys while Jones and Connors take care of the tanks. Once done assemble your squad in the garage where the first tank comes out and have Bradely go take care of the small missile things. Then finish out the mission and u should get badges for Jones and Connors for anti-tank.

Info submitted by Dylan SMith (gamer) on Friday, April 2, 2004 at 17:22:20

The Guy Behind the Window in Training

On the first training level when you get to the part where you have to shoot the 3 guns down the target range ( it's after the obstacle coarse part). do what the master sergeant tells you to do until he tells you to shoot at the targets with the assault rifle (it's the second one you use) put it on burst mode then run up to the guy behind the window that gives you the guns. you can shoot him. it takes a couple of shots to break the window and then a couple more to kill him. (it is much easier to kill him with the assault rifle than any other gun but you can try). after you kill him the screen will say mission failure. I'm pretty sure you can kill the master sergeant also but its harder because he is farther away and the sniper rifle doesn't shoot fast very well so you might run out of time. try it it's fun.

Info submitted by sharpshooter2090 on Friday, November 21, 2003 at 12:39:58

Cool Hint

IN the chemical warfare level when there's a tank bring all your guys in the building just across from the door (THe rocket launchers wont kill this tank!!!) and take out all the soldiers with frag. or phosphorus grenades. After you kill the soldiers throw a couple of smoke grenades so the tank cant see you (warning don't use the person with the C4s to throw the smokes) and use the person with the C4s and hide behind the underground thingy closest to the tank. then throw 2 of the guys smokes right at the tank and run until your right up against the tank and plant 2 C4s then throw the rest of your smokes and hide behind the underground thingy again. Detonate the bomb. (Make sure your other guys have medic packs cuz the explosion might kill you) and TADA the tank is destroyed. and you can keep the rocket launchers for later).

Info submitted by Alex on Monday, December 8, 2003 at 10:14:59

Hint on Victor Two

On the mission "Victor Two", when you begin the mission, instead of going up the hill and sniping everyone, first over where your jeep is, there are two big rocks. use any one of your people to do this. I prefer Foley, because you can use him for both the sniping and this. Go between the rocks, you will see three sheep. Its up to you to kill them or not, whatever floats your boat. beyond the sheep, there is an enemy soldier. Get out your knife, creep up on him, and kill him. Keep going straight until you see another big rock. Go prone and wait a while. another soldier comes around the rock. Try to kill him with a silenced pistol, because going at him with the knife is suicide. If you keep going, you will see the truck near the checkpoint gate. Now if you call on your teammates, they won't act like idiots and come running through the minefield. Including that you will get some extra "Stealth Kill Bonus Points".

Info submitted by Bill on Monday, November 24, 2003 at 13:40:02

Secret 'Passage'

On the 4th level 'victor two' at the start, become Bradly and select the 'combat knife', walk forward slowly (you should see 3 goats) keep going and there is an Iraqi an standing there asleep, sneak up and when your directly behind him press 'R1' and you'll get a stealth kill, if you keep going on a dried river bed, you turn up under the bridge at the 'checkpoint'.

If you load a mission from the cheat menu (get this by pressing L1,L1,R1,R1,sq,sq,tri,tri,circ,circ at the main menu and go to options) it is automatically on the 'medium' difficulty setting, so don't get caught out.

For street battle, for the after the bridge there is a door on your left when you look at the tank send the 'laser designator' up and if you stand a little back on the top floor you can see the tank and destroy it without it seeing you.

Info submitted by Richard on Wednesday, May 5, 2004 at 11:05:15

Multiple hints

1.go prone to roll over mines and they wont blow up
2.if you have no rocket launchers and you come to a tank first shoot the gunner on top before you throw a smoke grenade try to get it right in front of the tank then go set a C4 with jones when your done throw a smoke grenade in front of the tank and find cover and hit the detonator for the C4.
3.If you want a to kill somebody and make it funny shoot a barrel and it will cacth them on fire.
4.If somebody is running shoot a couple feet in front of them.
5.On the POW in bagdad mission,at the start turn to your left and on the table will be a silenced pistol, flare, and some other useful things.

Info submitted by maxxgamer on Monday, October 13, 2003 at 13:32:29

Free rocket

When shooting a rocket if you die before you are given a chance to drop the rocket launcher; then revive the team member with the launcher and he will reload it with the same rocket you just fired. Bingo, free rocket

Info submitted by Drew on Saturday, October 11, 2003 at 21:12:23

Killing Tanks

There are two types of tanks in Conflict Desert Storm theres in the 20 mm tank and the main gun tanks your LAW or the green launcher with take the 20mm with on hit but it takes 2 for the main gun tanks so be careful when you step out to fire that the main gun doesnt get a shot off and kill the whole team I would suggest leaving one man a little behind the group now the RPG or tan launcher with kill 20 mm tanks with one hit but takes 3 on the main gun so fire with cover and retreat don't take a tank head on

Info submitted by SkullHunter on Sunday, October 12, 2003 at 08:50:54

Complete 5th Level Easily

message: after you have laid your C-4 charges on the fuel dump do not detonate them because then you have to face a T-62 heavy tank and maybe a light tank. Instead wait until you are back at start and then detonate the C-4. If you detonate them early chances are you wont survive.

Extreme Mode

Beat the whole game in any difficulty to get Extreme Mode.

Info submitted by Seth Perkins on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 10:33:33

Beat tanks

Tanks are a problem when they are facing you the best way to take em down is to throw a smoke grenade at the tank(if the 50 cal is shooting at you)aim your LAW or anti tank weapon at the bottom center of it so its nearly going under the tank. if done correctly the tank will be destroyed.

Info submitted by Pyper on Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at 04:02:04

Extra supplies

When you run out of medic packs or ammo, don't pull out the knife. that will be hard to kill the enemy and it will lower your health. Try to find enemy buildings or bases that you already cleared out and look for guns and ammo. Most of the time there will be rocket launchers, ammo, guns and medic packs.

Info submitted by Xbox Master on Saturday, October 11, 2003 at 16:34:01

Destroy Scuds with a grenade

Have a grenade and throw it by or under the door of the scud, and should by destroyed.

Info submitted by Tyler Goff on Thursday, October 16, 2003 at 18:18:42


As you cycle through Jones weapons you will find a wrench you can use it to fix a jeep, tank, or your Bradley fighting vehicle and keep it running instead of being destroyed. Note: once your vehicle is destroyed it wont work

Info submitted by Casey Keller on Sunday, October 12, 2003 at 18:28:08

Level 2 the unknown tank before the mortar team

The unknown tank is located before the mortar team. You can get a an anti-tank rocket in side the building where u see the tank head on.
Remember you only have 2 shots with the anti-tank rocket so AIM IT PERFECTLY OR YOU WONT HAVE ENOUGH ROCKETS!!!

Info submitted by Johnny on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at 22:11:48

Third Level

Here's a tip for the 3rd level, stock up on anti- tank rockets, and anything explosive. At the end of the level you have to protect Delta Squad and its chopper from all side. Including snipers, solider, and tanks of all kinds!

Info submitted by Jon on Tuesday, October 14, 2003 at 15:20:42

Stealth on mission 4

On the 4th level, after you drive up to the mines and get out, be Foley, and go up the little ledge. Command your men to stay back. Then, just take out all of the guys you can see. Foley has a silenced sniper rifle on this level so they won't notice you unless they see you. Try to make all of your shots head shots or upper torso shots. You'll know when you've killed every guy in that area because it will say "Objective Completed".

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