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Enter the Matrix
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Various Cheats


The cheat "Maximum Firepower"/all weapons will freeze you games the first freeze spot is control tower 2 so the best cheats are infinite health, infinite ammo, and infinite focus.

These cheat should work with any version of the game.

Enter the hacking system in the game. Unlock the command allowing "cheats."

IMPORTANT: to open cheats type: CHEAT.EXE

before every cheat number, enter CHEAT

(you have to put the word help then type CHEAT.exe after that look for the word cheat on the side and input the cheatcode)

Infinite Ammo: 1DDF2556

Maximum Firepower: 0034AFFF

Focus Restored fast: FFF0020A

Unlimited Health: 7F4DF451

Enemies can not See You: FFFFFFF1

Turbo: FF00001A

Infinite Focus: 69E5D9E4

Test Level: 13D2C77F

Multi-Player Fighting: D5C55D1E

Fastest Logos: 7867F443

Taxi Driving: 312MF451

Enemies Can Not hear You: 4516DF45

Dodging Easily to Save Tons of Health

To dodge easily use your focus and do a wall run, a roll, or a kartwheel. {You can do the cartwheel only with the girl}.

Info submitted by Tom H. on Thursday, November 6, 2003 at 16:18:34


See when you are fighting the agent on the plane put the infinite focus on & the infinite ammo and hold down focus (L1 default) and fire a few shots from the entry shotgun and then run up and kick the agent out the plane (you might half to do it more than once) have fun!!!!! and go kick some agent butt

Info submitted by christopher on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at 13:00:57

Defeat Vlad Easily

You cant have any guns in your hands at this time ok now defeat the other three first then vlad will come out you will know because it will say it at the top of your screen when he comes out get him down then hit him to the wall with the two bookcases hit him in between them then just keep on punching him and he will eventually die

Info submitted by cool kid 3 on Thursday, November 13, 2003 at 12:39:57


Playing as Ghost, go into the level in the airport "Terminal". At the end of the level you run down the hallway and you see three SWAT team members running towards a woman in a black suit(Binary) who is on your team. Normally you would let her gun down the three SWAT team members with her M240 and you would run in front of her and finish the level. Instead, run to the right where the SWAT team members are and kill them and get their guns. Then run behind Binary with your "Entry Shotgun" and kill her, yes, kill her. Then this is the key, as soon as you kill her run forwards and grab her gun and keep running. You will end up in the spot where you would normally finish the level and you win with her M240. What is a M240 you might ask? It is a machine gun with a clip size of 120 and with a capacity of 2 extra clips. It also has long range, very high accuracy, and it does a lot of damage.

Info submitted by ReApEr_13 on Saturday, November 15, 2003 at 20:38:32

Sneak Into Level 2 Behind the Scenes

This is the first level of the game just for you to know. Run into the men's room and DO NOT KILL ANYBODY OR HIT THEM. Climb up the ladder after the boring mini movie (you will see it in the men's room) you will end up in the shower room. Then you can sneak up on the hostages...."BLAM,BLAM!"

Info submitted by Perry Asher on Monday, March 8, 2004 at 15:58:45

Rescue Level

On the level as Niobe where you have to rescue your friend, it is impossible to complete with certain cheats on. A grenade appears in front of you as soon as you start.

Info submitted by Ryan M on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 at 08:21:19

How To Kill Agents

Do you people want to really know how to kill
Agent well get a shotgun and shoot them about 2 times or more im sure this will work, I've tried it.

Info submitted by Eddie on Wednesday, April 14, 2004 at 18:25:37

Shortcut at the Post Office Level

At the beginning of the level, go to the left toward the bathrooms. If you enter the men's room you will see a guy going up a ladder. Follow him up the ladder and when you get to the top the game will say: Loading Behind the Scenes. When it's done loading you will be in the men's shower room. You will go through a different part of the level. Nothing big, but I thought it was pretty cool. It works with Niobe, but I'm not sure about Ghost.

Info submitted by Derek on Friday, May 21, 2004 at 16:43:36

System tools /b

When you enter hacking system tools /b you will be asked to enter a 5 digit code the code is: 10110 this will unlock droping weapons within the matrix, and other helpful things!!

Unfortunately the System tools /b code above does not work all the time. The five digit code always changes but the numbers are like three 1's and 2 zeros. Or 3 zeros and two 1's. So it would usually be something like "10110" or "00101" something like that. Luckily the hacking engine will tell you what numbers are in the right place and what numbers are correct. So just give it some trial and error tests, switch some numbers around and you will usually find the right one.

Hints and Advice

This is not a code or cheat just some advice when fighting against Seraph in the mission Seraph's Tea House you can do 2 things If you lose you will go to the last 2 missions but if you win you can see the oracle like in the movie and go through a lot more missions and see more exclusive movie clips.

If you beat the game you get to see an exclusive preview of the Matrix III where you can see nowhere else ( at least for now) Beat the game the preview is very cool.

Info submitted by Ricky From Jersey City on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 22:17:25

Various Phone Numbers

To access the phone numbers and portkeys you have to unlock a thing called DIAL to do this you have to access the V:\ all you do is in the VIRTUAL tab write FROZENFISH or THISISNOTREAL it will allow you access to the Secret Messages


Unlock Sword

To unlock the swordfight, follow these steps. Open the Hacking program from the main menu. Open a file that has the game completed. Note: You must have completed the game first in order for this cheat to work; and the game file you select at the Hacking menu must have the game completed. Type LOGIN and press Enter. Type GUEST and press Enter. Type DIR, then a space. DIR should now appear in your command list. Access the B Drive through the DIR command. Select TOOLS from the B Drive. It will be locked and will ask you for an access code. The access code consists of 1s and 0s. You must guess the access code, as it is different each time. It is only five digits long. Once you have access to the TOOLS on the B Drive, type all the .EXE files (without the .EXE after them). For example, type DECODE then a space. DECODE will now appear in the command list. Repeat this for all other .EXE files in the TOOLS folder in the B Drive. Now, access VIRTUAL on your command list. Type in FROZENFISH as the password. An authentication test will start. An image of a Chinese symbol will appear, but it will be scrambled. The image is broken into 9 squares, and each square will have five different choices. You must change all the pieces so that a complete image appears. You have a limited amount of time to do this. Once you guess a correct image, the timer will stop and you will be taken back to the hacking screen. Look at the top of the screen. If it says "Solution: Blue", then the line will be traced and you will have to enter TRACEKILL and then press enter as fast as possible or all progress will be lost. Once you enter TRACEKILL, you will have to start back at accessing VIRTUAL on your command list. However, if it says "Solution: Red", then you will hear a message from Neo and get access to the V Drive. Open the V Drive and get all the commands from the TOOLS folder on your command list. Open the ROOTSEARCH program. Now, open the ROOT folder in the B Drive and get the two commands there on your command list. Enter the MAIL command and type THISISNOTREAL as the password and type YES. You will get a list of phone numbers:
Select the DIAL command and dial 001949555010. You should get a message from Persephone. Next dial 0013105550111. You will get you a message from Trinity. She will give you a number. Select PORTKEY and enter the number. She will start to talk to you. Type NO to both questions and she will give you a program called CRACK on your command list. Open it, then type 8RAM. It should look like this: "CRACK 8RAM". You now have access to the RAM drive. Go to DIR on your command list and access the RAM drive. A list of folder names will appear. Open the TRINITY folder. Get the Training command on your DIR by typing TRAINING then a space. Go to your command list and select TRAINING. On you command list, a file called SWORD.DSK will come up. Select it. It has now uploaded the sword onto you character in the Matrix. Quit the hacking program and select "Save Progress". You can use the sword when you start that game file. It can be used in any stage, but will only a[[ear when fighting enemies by pressing Punch + Kick. You have to enter it again when you turn off the game. Go to the Hacking program, select that file again, select TRAINING, then SWORD.DSK.

Info submitted by Uncutgamer on Monday, May 19, 2003 at 19:21:42


Hacking engine tools:
In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there are a number of directories and tools that can be useful (such as spawning a weapon within The Matrix.).

Command Effect
DIR <location> List files and folders
CLS Clear the screen of text
HELP <command> Extended help for a command
TRACEKILL Kills traces
READ Read *.txt files
VIEW View *.img files
PLAY Play *.fmv files
DROP JXTRR10 Weapon drop at Drainage Canal
DROP PNSRZ10 Weapon drop at North Concourse
DROP RKHMS10 Weapon drop at Airport Tunneld
DROP JDZMT10 Weapon drop at 2nd Floor West (Chateau)
DROP ZKHBD10 Weapon drop at Courtyard (Chateau)
DROP RHFTQ10 Weapon drop at Skyscraper
DROP ZSZQH10 Weapon drop at Warehouse (Chinatown)
DROP JDHQL10 Weapon drop at Transformer Field (power plant)
DROP B1AXXF2 Weapon drop at 2nd Floor PO Boxes

Morpheus message

In the Hacking engine, instead of using "GUEST", you can LOGIN as FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS to hear a message from Morpheus.

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