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F1 2004
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All Cars

Put in the name RETROF1 at the profile menu to unlock all cars

Info submitted by john graham on Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 04:47:11

Unlock New Intro

Get a top 10 lap time using time attack mode to get a new intro sequence

Unlock Renault RE20

Win the championship using career mode

Unlock Lotus 72E

Win a season using simulation mode

Unlock Williams FW14B

Win a race using arcade mode

Unlock Jordan 191

Win the whole season in arcade mode

Easy Elimination

I found this be accident at Monaco but it works everywhere providing you find a good spot on the track. If you want to certain driver to retire from the race make sure you know where he is on the race track. Find a spot on the circuit which is fairly fast and leads into a slowish corner. Save the game when the opponent is in position, quit to main menu afterwards then load up the ingame save and continue for a few seconds then watch what happens. I have found its best early in the race, you get multiple pile ups